Silver Diamine Fluoride Side Effects

Silver Diamine Fluoride Side Effects

Silver diamine fluoride is a mineral added to most of your tap water resources. For more than 50 years, fluoride has been added to our water supply because of its perceived health benefits. Fluoride is found in large quantities in beverages, such as soda and juices, as well as in many processed foods such as cereals. Fluoride is also found in almost all toothpaste and is consumed in large quantities. The team of Dr.Invisalign in Melbourne advises to limit the use of fluoride in children but in adults it has been proven to be highly successful in stopping the development and spread of tooth decay.


Silver diamine fluoride is added to the water source for many years to obtain the expected health benefits. The reason for fluoridation in our water resources is the ability of fluorides to prevent the formation of cavities and add a protective layer of tooth enamel. However, many recent studies have shown that fluoride does cause fluorosis. Fluorosis is a constant white band that appears on the teeth of many people.

Despite the evidence that fluoride cannot be so useful in the prevention of cavities, this is the only hidden health benefit; there are some unexpected side effects of excessive fluoride intake. It has been shown that fluoride causes neurotoxicity in adults, which has many negative consequences for memory and learning. It was demonstrated that fluorine lowers the intelligence factor by an average of 7 points, which indicates a possible harmful effect of fluoride intake in children. Fluoride was compared even with lead and mercury depending on its impact on causing brain damage.


There are many ways to avoid silver diamine fluoride side effects. The presence of a water filter at home is an excellent start. However, not all water filters are useful in fluoride filtration. Three types of filters, which are known to be effective in removing fluorides, are reverse osmosis, deionizers, and activated alumina. If you buy bottles of water, make sure that the filtration process on the water bottle gives one of these three methods. If not, the bottle of water probably has a decently high level of fluoride.


Another way to ensure a high quality of drinking water is to distill water. You can buy a device for distilling water for your home to provide high-quality water consumption. You can purchase simple distillation filters that are easily attached to the faucet in the sink.

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