What are Clear Braces?

What are Clear Braces?

We all have heard about braces. But have you heard about clear braces? What are clear braces? These are ceramic braces that have been designed to well match with the teeth of the person using them. They consist of brackets and tooth-colored wires along with rubber bands that are white in color. This is what makes them not noticed easily like the traditional wire type.

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Who should wear them?

These are normally great for teens and kids who need an option that is more subtle. But then, they are a bit much costlier than the traditional wire type. All you need to consider is consulting your dentist on the best option of your oral health and the one that will fit your budget.

This is the best option to those who need fast treatment as they tend to move teeth faster than Invisalign. This is actually the reason they are much preferred by many adults.

Treatment process involved with these braces

What are clear bracesConsulting your orthodontist is the first thing you should consider before deciding to get clear braces. Here, the orthodontist will mainly talk all about your objectives and a plan of your teeth will be created thereafter.

On your second visit to the orthodontist, you will have the brackets attached to the teeth. Next in the process is the placement of the archwires between the brackets. The final effect will be enhanced with the rubber bands. Then regular orthodontist follow-up will start. They will continue for like up to eight weeks. During these visits, your orthodontist will be tightening your archwires and also doing a replacement of the rubber bands.

Taking care of the clear braces

These braces have been designed to resist stains, but then as with any other thing, these braces need to be properly taken care of. First, you need to always to floss and brush and do a frequent, thorough rinse after every meal. This will mainly help prevent food particles hiding underwires in turn leading to decay and cavities.

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