How Do Dental Splints Work

How Do Dental Splints Work

Its true that we all lose some of our teeth in our middle ages and it can be very unnerving to have loose primary teeth. Fortunately, dentists have a treatment in which they can save a tooth or loose teeth. Most of us hate a loose tooth so we pull it out just to get rid of that weird feeling. To avoid such a case, your dentist will likely install a tooth splint.


Trauma or gum disease may cause a tooth to become loose in its socket. A splint may be used to provide additional support to the tooth. Initially the posterior surface of the affected tooth and teeth adjacent to it are etched with an acid solution and then rinsed with water, a bonding agent and resin are applied to the teeth and a splint is secured across the teeth. The splint stretches across the affected tooth and onto adjacent teeth for support. A dental curing light is used to set the resin and create a strong bond with the tooth surface.


In most cases, splints are permanent. But if you are having a minor trauma or an early stage periodontal disease; a temporary splinting technique may be your solution. It’s as simple as installing a splint just until tooth regains stability.

dental splinting treatment


The main purpose of a tooth splint is to keep the tooth stable by using the splint to surround teeth for support. Having a loose tooth may affect your bite; a proper bite is important for the health of your jaw joint, the jaw bones, the teeth and the muscles. The muscles function in a very specific way when the bite is proper and the jaw joint is seated fully in its socket. But while you’re sleeping, you may still bite without having full control of your jaw. In most cases, teeth grinding happens during sleep. A temporary splint which is applied only during sleep is definitely a good idea if you want to protect your teeth from grinding. Not only it protects your teeth, but it also causes your muscles to function properly during the night. If the muscles in your chin are hurt; it can cause an overwhelming headache.


You can always buy a temporary splint for your teeth online and they are extremely cheap compared to an actual treatment from a dentist. But it’s always a good thing to go hear what your Amity Dental Centre dentist in Albany, WA has to say about your condition. Then you can decide whether to go get a treatment or buy a temporary splint online.

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