Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction

Although laser liposuction has been used in Europe and South America for the past ten years, it has recently been approved for use in the United States by the FDA. The procedure, sometimes known as Smart Lipo or lunchtime lipo is becoming very popular because it`s less invasive than regular liposuction treatments.

The procedure makes use of a tiny laser inserted under the skin into those difficult to reduce body areas to melt the fat rather than suction it out. In small areas, the melted fat is left in the body to be absorbed naturally by the body. Even when suction is used, it`s much less invasive to suction liquefied fat that is the result of the laser than to suction solid fat in the traditional way.

Laser Lipo has distinct advantages over regular liposuction. It`s typically performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia, and the laser actually causes any broken blood vessels to coagulate immediately, reducing bruising considerably. This procedure results in very little bleeding, swelling or bruising, making it a favorite with active adults. Another advantage to laser versus regular liposuction relates to its natural tightening effect on the skin where the procedure is used. Sometimes liposuction can leave loose skin and bruising behind when traditional liposuction is employed. Not so with Laser Lipo! Recovery times are reduced, and risks are much less when the need for a general anesthetic is eliminated.

Laser lipo is not suitable for removing large areas of fat. It works best against small areas where fatty tissue has grown over time. Every year there are new ways to fight the bulge, and laser liposuction is the latest state-of-the-art procedure. If you have bulges that no amount of exercise or diet will eliminate, you are probably a great candidate for laser lipo.

Laser Liposuction

Laser Lipo is often employed when there has been a drastic weight loss due to gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery or after some kinds of trauma. Even though you may have lost in excess of 100 lbs, there may still be residual fatty pockets that are spoiling the total look you are seeking. Laser Lipo is an excellent choice for small persistent areas of fatty tissue removal.

Laser Lipo is ideal for smaller areas and sensitive places too. This includes belly, chin, arms, butt, thighs, male breasts and more. Consult your Plastic Surgeon for the best procedure for your needs. Laser Liposuction might be the technique you’ve been waiting for!

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