Risks And Benefits Of Breast Implants

Risks And Benefits Of Breast Implants

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 4% of women in the United States have breast implants. This makes breast implantation the number one cosmetic methodology over years now.

If you are a mom and after childbirth, the volume of your breast has dropped or maybe as an individual, you aren’t just happy with the size of your breast so, therefore, you’ve considered having breast implants, then guess this is just the article you need as we are going to look at the risks and benefits of breast implantation.

It is important to know before undergoing any medical procedure to understand the possible risk with that visit Dr. Breast Implants PERTH for more information.

Risks and Benefits Of Breast Breast Implants

Let’s take a look at some of the risk associated with breast implants:

Capsular Contracture

This can be painful as a result of the hardening of the tissue of one of the implanted breast or both implanted breasts. Basically, it’s the hardening of the breast after implant. This could lead to seroma and hematoma.

breast implant(breast feeding)Breastfeeding complications

Lactating mothers with breast implants may have an effect on babies during breastfeeding. There’s a high risk of autoimmune disorder in the child and hence shouldn’t be recommended.

Women who have breast implants can lose the ability to breastfeed children whiles some still can breastfeed.


When wounds don’t heal fast they can get infected with fungi or even bacteria leading to rashes and even. Some people get their breast implants removed due to the inability of wounds to respond to antibiotics after infection.


This occurs when the saline present in the breast implant leaks and hence deflating the breast due to loss of original size of the implant. This isn’t the same for silicone breast implants since silicone is thicker, it may not flow out of the implant rubber, but the breast would lose its size with time. The main cause of this problem is longer breast implants.

Some Other Risks Include:

  • Pain
  • Chest wall deformity
  • Deflation
  • Unsatisfactory size
  • Wrinkling of breast
  • Injury during and after surgery

Well as we know everything has a good side and a bad side. We are going to look at the benefits associated with breast implantation.

Benefits of Breast Implantation:

  • More Confidence
  • Restoration of Breast after Pregnancy
  • Hope for Women after Mastectomy
  • Better Sex life

A survey was taken and 61 % of the participants had more frequent sex after the implants and 70% had more sexual satisfaction.

Desirable sizes are achieved

Well before you take the giant step to change your life and how you feel about your body, consider the above and see what works for you.

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