Everything That You Should Know About Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Everything That You Should Know About Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Dental health is a pointer to the well-being of your general health. Teeth cleaning and checkup do not only keep your teeth in good appearance but they also prevent you from having any kind of oral diseases. The process of removing plaque below the gum-line is known as scaling. For quite some time, dental specialists had been using hands-on equipment to scale teeth. However, technological advancement has improved the procedure through the introduction of ultrasonic teeth cleaning. The procedure is faster and more effective than the traditional scraping.

How does it work?

dentist performs ultrasonic teeth cleaning

The dental procedure involves the use of hand-held scaler whose tip vibrates immensely at a speed faster than sound. The shock waves are produced using principles of electromagnetism. They result in the rapid vibrations which crush the plaque and remove stains on the teeth’s enamel. Besides, the vibrations create an environment that is less hospitable to bacterial growth. You may also observe a gush of water or mouth wash emerging from the vibrating tip. It’s known as lavage. It helps to blow away the crushed debris from the cleaning area as well as cooling the vibrating tip. In addition, tiny droplets from the lavage destroy the walls of the bacteria’s cells. During the cleaning procedure, your orthodontist may adjust the equipment parameters to fit your preferences. The parameters include;

  • The frequency of the scaler’s tip
  • Flow of lavage
  • Power of the scaler

If you have sensitive teeth, the specialist can use a narrower vibrating tip to attenuate discomfort.


  • The procedure takes a shorter time than manual teeth cleaning.
  • It’s more comfortable due to the less pressure required by the vibrating tip.
  • The lavage washes off teeth bacteria.
  • It efficiently removes hard-to-reach plaque and stains.


  • The procedure is not recommended for people with sensitive teeth
  • It can damage titanium implants

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