Tylenol for tooth pain-is it effective?

Tylenol for tooth pain-is it effective?

Toothaches can be quite painful and not easy to get rid of! They can appear out of nowhere and make life miserable. In such a case, it would be best to visit a dentist to get to the root of the problem. But what if the tooth ache erupts in the middle of the night, when no dentist is available? Well, don’t worry, as you can turn to a few home remedies that are best recommended by Piazza Dental’s Hornsby Dentists to help you out.

Tylenol Tylenol for tooth pain

The first remedy would be to turn to Tylenol. It is the first thing that most dentists prescribe to patients, as it can take care of a mild toothache. It is an over the counter painkiller that contains acetaminophen. It works on relieving the pain and controls inflammation to a certain extent. Take one and wait for at least 30 minutes for the pain to subside. You can take another in three to four hours if the pain returns. Avoid taking too many tablets and see your dentist as soon as you can.

Side effects

Tylenol is safe to use but should not be mixed with alcohol. Consuming too many tablets can lead to liver damage. Ask your dentist if they are safe for you to consume.

There are other OTC painkillers such as ibuprofen that will provide temporary relief. But it is important to visit a dentist to treat the issue.

Natural therapy

Cleaning out the affected area with salt water can provide relief. Salt water kills bacteria and reduced some pain. Gargling will dislodge food particles that might be present between teeth. Some dentists prescribe garlic as it has natural anti-bacterial properties. Chewing on one can reduce tooth ache. Clove oil is also an effective solution. Dipping a cotton pad in clove oil and placing over the tooth can provide relief. Most of these remedies are safe to carry out when on Tylenol. But make sure you consult your dentist before trying any of these.


Don’t wait too long to see a dentist in case the pain does not subside with Tylenol.

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