Tooth Pain: What Is The Best Toothache Medication To Use?

Tooth Pain: What Is The Best Toothache Medication To Use?

What is the most effective kind of toothache medication? What other ways can be used to relieve a toothache aside from taking painkillers? This article will talk about how to get pain relief from tooth pain, and what medications work best for this. If the article sparks interest, you can click on this link to read more about how to manage tooth pain.

What causes tooth pain?

The most common causes for toothaches are tooth decay, infection inside the tooth, a crack or damage to the tooth, gum disease and tooth sensitivity. All of these have an adverse effect on the tooth and cause it to have an infection. This is what usually causes the tooth pain. The sensitive inner parts of the tooth become infected and they become inflamed. Here is a detailed list of the potential causes of toothaches.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay begins when leftover food is not properly cleaned off the tooth. These small food particles will form into plaque on the teeth which can attract bacteria. These bacteria then feed on the plaque and the tooth itself, causing tooth decay.  Once tooth decay starts, the damage to the teeth can lead to cracks and damage to the tooth with can act as a doorway for bacteria to get inside the tooth and cause infection.

Gum disease

Gum disease, like tooth decay can start with poor oral hygiene habits. Proper brushing habits should clean the gums, especially those near the root of the teeth as well. Failing to clean this part of the gums will allow bacteria to grow and infect the gums. This will cause pain, damage to the underlying jawbone and even tooth loss if the gum disease develops into its most severe form, periodontitis.

Damage to the teeth

Damage to the teeth can happen because of sports-related injuries, when a person bites down on food that is too hard, and various other reasons. If the teeth become cracked or damaged, there is greater chance that bacteria will be able to gain access to the tooth because of the damage.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is felt when there is pain or discomfort when a person consumes food or beverages that are too hot or too cold. There are many causes of tooth sensitivity. It could be because of the natural aging process, or brushing teeth too hard. This can wear down the enamel of the tooth, exposing the inner layers that are more sensitive.

Pain relief from tooth pain

Having a toothache can be one of the most stressful types of pain. It can inhibit concentration and can distract a person from what they are supposed to be doing.

Medications for tooth pain

There are certain types of medicines that work specifically to target tooth pain.

Anti-inflammatory analgesics

These medications target both pain and swelling. Since most of the time, tooth pain is caused by swelling, this type of medication is one of the most effective types of drugs to get rid of pain as well as get rid of the swelling that accompanies it. Ibuprofen and aspirin are good examples of this type of medicine.

patient with toothache medicationNaproxen is another example of this type of drug that helps a person get pain relief from their toothaches by reducing the swelling in the tooth. This drug has some unwanted side-effects such as menstrual cramps, gout and arthritis, so this drug should be used sparingly.

Diclofenac is a drug that is stronger than ibuprofen and can also be used to treat severe toothaches. This drug, like naproxen may also cause undesirable side-effects, and should only be used when the pain of the toothache is very extreme.

Acetaminophen or paracetamol

If the patient is pregnant, it is safe to take paracetamol when they have a toothache. They will be able to attain pain relief from their tooth pain using paracetamol.


This is a drug that is prescribed by doctors to treat moderate to very extreme pain. Pain relief from toothaches is attained by this drug because it changes the way your brain and body responds to the pain. There are many side-effects to taking this type of drug. Side-effects include dizziness, drowsiness and constipation among others. The side-effects are the main reason why dentists only prescribe this type of drug as a last resort for pain relief from toothaches.

Natural remedies for to get rid of tooth pain

If a person does not want to rely on toothache medication to get rid of their tooth pain, they can try various home remedies such as ice packs, hot and cold compresses, salt water rinses and other natural remedies to cure their tooth pain.

These natural pain relief methods can be used if the tooth pain is not all that severe. Natural home remedies do not take effect as quickly as painkillers, but they do work.

Getting rid of tooth pain before going to the dentist

Visiting a dentist when you feel tooth pain is a good idea, because the dentist will be able to single out the root cause of the pain and recommend treatment methods for the cause of the pain in the tooth. However, it is important that you seek pain relief for the toothache before visiting the dentist.

The dentist will not be able to do any work on a tooth that is painful. This is why a patient needs to wait until the pain has subsided before visiting the dentist.

Do you have tooth pain?

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it is a good idea to see a dentist about it. This becomes especially true if the tooth pain is severe and if it intermittently recurs even after you take painkillers.

Tooth pain rarely comes alone. It is usually a sign of something more serious going on inside the tooth. This is why you should visit your dentist after your tooth pain will have subsided. The dentist will be able to diagnose if you have an oral issue that needs treatment, and they will be able to recommend methods to make sure oral issues and tooth pain stay at bay in the future. You can visit Emergency Dentist Adelaide’s website today if you still experience unbearable pain.

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