Tips for Speedy Dental Bone Graft Recovery

Tips for Speedy Dental Bone Graft Recovery

Loss of bone to the jaw is one of the serious results of missing teeth. If left unattended, bone loss can lead to a number of dental issues. In order to treat the condition, dental implants become inevitable. However, you need bone for dental implants. It’s here bone grafting comes into play. In this procedure, a periodontist derives bone grafts from the patient, other person, an animal or synthetic materials to administer to the problem area. After the procedure, the patient can undergo dental implants. However, it’s important to wait for dental bone graft recovery before opting for implants. You can consult the dentists to learn more about this procedure.

Recovering from dental bone graft

Dental implants depend on the bone for their durability and stability. It’s the bone that’s able to fuse with the titanium surface of the dental implant. In order to fuse effectively, the bone that’s grafted should be healthy. If the bone isn’t healthy, it won’t fuse with the titanium surface, leading to loosening of implants.

It’s essential that the grafted bone is strong and sturdy. That takes time and the recovery time varies from person to person. However, there are certain things you can do to speed up recovery. dental bone graft recovery

First of all, take all the medications on time as prescribed. Since bone grafts are made of fine particles, you may discover some granules in the mouth for a few days. Don’t rinse or spit vigorously in the first week after the procedure. Also, don’t press the grafted area with your tongue or fingers.

Keep a good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth very gently. Avoid brushing the surgical area till the condition is completely healed. Eat soft foods such as yogurt, soup, and ice-cream to speed up recovery. Also, drink nourishing liquids that can strengthen your dentures and gums. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol. All these instructions can enhance the recovery time after bone grafting.

Concluding words

Bone grafts can take a heavy toll on any sufferer. However, it’s possible to speed up dental bone grafting recovery. Just adhere to the above advice, and you could heal the condition faster for the upcoming dental implant procedure.

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