What Is The Best Way For A Single Tooth Replacement? (And Other Options You Should Know)

What Is The Best Way For A Single Tooth Replacement? (And Other Options You Should Know)

As the saying goes, smile while you still have teeth. But this really puts some people in a difficult situation. When you are someone with missing teeth, you really got not much of an option. Whether you lost a single tooth or a pair of them, one really cannot fathom how to smile, eat, and talk again. And if you have a tooth predicament such as this, it might be the best time to pay a visit to a clinic. Numerous single tooth replacement options can easily put your life back to normal again. Like in a Gosford dental clinic, oral healthcare providers will consider multiple factors to find the most suitable tooth replacement treatment for you.


What Causes A Missing Tooth?

Losing a natural tooth could either rise from different scenarios. Although children normally shed baby when single tooth replacement is neededteeth, falling teeth could be a serious emergency in an adult. One of the factors that dentists consider when choosing a single tooth replacement option is the problem’s origin. Commonly, a single tooth or couple of teeth would fall out due to tooth decay, gum disease, genetics, previous extractions, injuries, and even wear and tear. While others could turn a cold shoulder on single tooth replacement options, it is not always the same for some. Aside from affecting the way you eat, smile, and talk, failure to treat a missing tooth could lead to even further destruction. Malocclusion, super eruption, and resorption of the jawbone could lead to even further problems. And when these things happen, the normal teeth left would also need corrections and even replacement.


Options When You Opt For Single Tooth Replacement

Even a single tooth missing from your smile could greatly affect your life. But when you opt for single tooth replacement, you don’t have to struggle in hiding that noticeable gap anymore. After all, providing an immediate solution to your missing tooth prevents the others from falling out as well. And if you are on the lookout for your choices, here are the common single tooth replacement in dentistry:

Dental Implant

This replacement option for a single tooth provides the most benefits through its permanent placement. Since it provides reliable support and looks naturally, implants are popular among patients. A dental implant will replace the root and integrate with the bone. With this process of replacing a tooth, you could prevent bone resorptions and affecting the neighbouring teeth. Besides, a dental implant could replace multiple teeth and would still last a lifetime.

choices for single tooth replacement

The dentist will surgically place the titanium implant to secure safe and proper conjunction with the jaw. After healing, the surrounding bone should grow around it. This event will ensure the stability and function of the dental implant. While waiting for this conjunction, the dentist may put a temporary crown in place. After ensuring the dental implant’s attachment, the dentist would replace the missing tooth on the surface with a ceramic crown.

Fixed Bridge

Compared to the implant, the fixed bridge does not really guarantee the safety of the adjacent teeth. Although it could be a cheaper option for an implant, it causes bone resorption and has a risk of bacterial infection. Essentially, a fixed bridge functions to connect a ceramic prosthetic with neighboring teeth. However, this tooth replacement option requires modification of the next tooth to place a crown. And like the implants, bridges also look like a natural dental set.

Removable Partial Denture

Since it is easy to remove, cleaning partial dentures is simple. A denture often consists of the replacement teeth fixed on a plastic base. The plastic prosthetic often matches the colour of the gums and has a comfortable fit. But even with metal clasps, dentures are not as stable as the implants.


This type of single tooth replacement option is like the partial denture but has no clasps. As it easily flips in and out of position, this does not provide a great permanent function like an implant.


Single Tooth Replacement: Things To Consider


Aside from having a lasting solution to your missing tooth, it would be best to opt for the total appearance of the replacement. Choosing a crown or implant would provide the most natural look, especially for a missing front tooth.


considerations before single tooth replacementIt would help if you also look for the functional purpose of your single tooth replacement procedure. Although crowns and dentures could look great outside, it might not help much when eating and chewing. Implants, on the other hand, has great attachment and stability.


What makes others hesitant to find a tooth replacement even for a single gap is the price that comes with it. By choosing a cost-effective replacement plan, you get to have supported treatments without leaving your pockets damaged.


In Conclusion

Even when it may not be apparent, replacing a damaged tooth for good often resolves problems down at the root. With removable and lifetime single replacement options for a missing tooth, you get to have an affordable and effective choice. This practice in dentistry does not only aim to provide aesthetic benefits. But for restoring the function of the lost tooth as well. Whether it’s only a piece of tooth or several ones, tooth replacement paves for a better smile and better oral condition.

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