Rhinoplasty Procedure From A Patients Perspective (What To Expect)

Rhinoplasty Procedure From A Patients Perspective (What To Expect)

Is a rhinoplasty procedure worth it? If you are thinking about getting a nose job to boost your self-confidence, but are unsure about what the process entails, you have reached the right article. After reading, please check the page of www.aurhinoplastymelbourne.com.au for more information about rhinoplasty.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job, is a type of cosmetic procedure done to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the nose. This is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries done because even a small change to the nose can have a drastic change to the overall beauty of the face.

Rhinoplasty procedure

Are you wondering what happens during rhinoplasty surgery? Here is a rundown of the events that occur before, during, and after the surgery.

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, the patient will talk to the surgeon about the desired results you want to achieve. Also, the anesthesiologist will be getting in touch with you about your medical history. This doctor will also be clarifying with you if you are allergic to any drugs so that they can make accurate decisions about which anesthetics to use for your procedure. Before the surgery, you are advised on what to eat, which medicines are not allowed to be taken and for how long you will need to fast to prepare for the procedure.

During the procedure

On the day of the surgery, prepare yourself by washing your face before going to the hospital. Once you are in the hospital, the medical staff will prepare you for the procedure. You will be wheeled inside the operating room, where the anesthesiologist will give you a mixture of gas and intravenous medication. The doctor will then talk to the family or friends that are waiting outside the operating room to tell them about what will happen. The surgery will last for a few hours.

After the procedure

rhinoplasty procedureWhen the procedure is finished, the patient will be put in a recovery room, where a nurse will observe them. Most patients can become fully conscious again after a short time and are ready to go home on the same day as the procedure. The patient will come out of the recovery room wearing some facial bandages and a nose splint to support their nose and keep it in place.

Recovery from a rhinoplasty procedure

The patient can expect to have moderate pain and bleeding after the surgery. However, these should subside during the days that follow the process. The doctor will prescribe medication to deal with the pain and swelling that accompany the recovery.

After a week, a followup checkup will be scheduled to ensure that the healing process is going the way it should. Also, the doctor will take off the nose splint. Patients can expect the look of their nose to change as it heals. The final look of their nose will only be seen after around six months to a year at the most. It will only be after this time that the patient will be able to assess if their original vision for their nose job.

Some patients may not be satisfied with the results of the rhinoplasty procedure. This is why it is imperative to talk to the surgeon about the exact results that you want to achieve before the surgery happens.


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