Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for the tooth root to support restorations that match a tooth or group of teeth. Historically, duplicating the natural function and appearance of lost teeth was extremely difficult to achieve. However, today’s cutting-edge dental implants allowed to restore the natural function and appearance of their teeth.

Currently, there are several teeth replacement options on the market, so why choose dental implants? Most dentists with implants agree that there are some advantages to dental implants and very few disadvantages. If you’re looking for an implant dentist with years of experience in the Sydney area, IDC near Baulkham Hills can help you out.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tooth Implants

Dental implants look and feel better than dentures

Although it is the cheapest of all cosmetic dentistry procedures, dentures are notorious for problems. The main ones include sliding, clicking and falling. Dental prosthesis users also have problems eating certain foods such as corn on the cob and candy. And forget about spending the night at your friend’s house! The dentures should be removed and soaked at night, so there goes the romance. But the biggest drawback to dentures is that they almost always look like fake teeth.

Dental implants feel better than bridges

Bridgework may be a better cosmetic dental alternative than dentures, but it still has problems. Unlike dental implants, which are secured directly on the gum and the underlying bone, bridges (or false teeth) are fused to porcelain crowns on both sides. They sit on top of the gum and leave an unpleasant space between the chewing gum and the false tooth. They also require rigorous cleaning and impact the teeth on both sides.

Dental implants look better than a missing tooth

tooth implant benefits

Choosing to do nothing to replace a missing tooth can also bring problems. It is difficult, sometimes downright painful, to chew in a space. And aesthetically, it is not very attractive to show a large hole where a tooth should be.

Dental implants provide lasting oral health

When a tooth is lost, the underlying bone begins to decrease and recede. The gum area around it also recedes. This can affect the entire structure of the mouth and the area of the jaw, giving the face a “collapse” appearance. Dental implants provide a base for the bone and gum to restructure around so that the face retains its youthful contour. And if properly maintained, dental implants can last several decades. The bridges only have a useful life of approximately ten years.

Dental implants increase self-confidence

Nothing beats a radiant and confident smile, and nothing hinders your smile more than being ashamed to show your teeth (or lack of them). Do not allow missing or discolored teeth or unattractive and ill-fitting dentures to prevent you from giving your best smile. Patients report that dental implants provide renewed vigor for life along with increased self-confidence. They also report that they are surprised at how much they feel about themselves knowing that their smile has such a positive impact.


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2 Responsesto “Pros and Cons of Dental Implants”

  1. Deon Johnson says:

    There’s no denying, dental implants has the most advantages than other dental alternatives. It gives you the confidence feeling like you are having a real teeth with dental implants.

  2. Vicky Smithson says:

    It might be the most expensive tooth replacement method but this is going to be permanent treatment unlike dentures and dental bridge.

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