Plant based vs Vegan Diet: What Is my Best Option?

Plant based vs Vegan Diet: What Is my Best Option?

Choosing an all green diet moulds not only a healthy lifestyle but also overall wellness. With the rise of fast food restaurants and easy-to-cook meals, the viability of the food becomes more and more questionable. Moreover, aside from the high cholesterol content, there could be no total guarantee to the sanitation of fast foods. Hence, most people would instead switch to vegetarian or plant based diet. And if you are one of the many who considers on adapting this healthy diet, you should first know what is your best option when it comes to plant based vs vegan meals.


Food War: Plant Based Vs Vegan

plant based vs vegan differenceWhile many think that plant based and vegan food are interchangeable, it is not precisely the case. Before diving into this whole new level of eating, you should know the essential considerations. And it is also necessary to consult a dietitian or nutritionist before venturing into this healthy lifestyle. Combine your vegan diet with regular jogging on a Proform Treadmill to achieve the best results for your body. Having professional advice will not only pave for better results but also ensures that you suffice nutritional requirements. Here are the primary factors that set the plant based diet different from vegan:


Plant Based Diet Avoids Meat Products

With much fractions of the plate coming from plants, plant based diet is one healthy regimen. Like the flexitarian diet, this option is best for people who want to shift gradually from eating meat to not at all. Although nutrition needs and minerals primarily come from fruits and vegetables, you have a whole meat option. Hence, you have the freedom to combine slices of lean meat to the green plate. The efficiency of this diet and the increasing number of devotees led to the development of whole foods, plant based diet. You could also add other animal products like eggs and dairy to achieve nutritional requirements.  So, filling protein requirements during a plant based diet is not much of a challenge. Another tent of this specific diet is opting not just only for plants but also for vegetables with little to no processing. The plant based diet consists of:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole grain
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Legumes

The restricted meat option and fresh produce feature make the plant based diet one of the popular choice of all time.


Vegan Diet Means No Animal Products

Almost like the plant based diet, the vegan option is one new and higher-level selection. Also known as a vegetarian diet or veganism, the plate consists mostly of greens and other vegan alternatives. Consumption of any animal products is not allowed when you want to go vegan. More than the meal option, veganism is more like a lifestyle. Its creed primarily revolves on not eating any animal meat or products for ethical reasons. Although the total avoidance of meat and flesh has been an ancient practice, it still rises in popularity today. However, many argue on the nutritional and health impacts of the vegan lifestyle. With the limits on meat based meals, specific nutrients and vitamins like omega 3 and vitamin B12 could go completely lacking on this diet. Luckily, vegan protein powder can be a good alternative to gain these minerals from meat.


Plant Based vs Vegan: Are they interchangeable?

No, these terms refer to specific meal components and restrictions. While plant based diet means less meat, a vegan meal means no meat at all. However, this does not limit your freedom to switch from one option to the other. You can even be under a plant based diet while also being vegan. This combination means no meat and fresher selections when choosing veggies. These meal regimens are proven to help minimise disease risks under professional supervision. Seeking medical advice ensure that you get what you need and none of the extra cholesterol. In addition to verified meal plans, determination, and consistency play critical roles in keeping your chosen diet successful and fruitful.


Benefits of Plant Based and Vegan Diet

Looking at the comprehensive options of both diets, following through the process isn’t much tricky. Much more, sticking to fresher and less processed foods aids in achieving better health. Here are the different perks when you switch your fast food chain meals to green alternatives:

  • ensuring safety when choosing between plant based vs vegan dietHealthier heart condition
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less risk of diabetes and cancer
  • Effective weight loss
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Decreased risk of stroke
  • Boost mental performance

When it comes to healthier choices, plant based and vegan diets top the chart. While there could be no regimen better than the other, you could gain success in your diet through proper meal plans paired with healthy activities.


Both Options Unlocks Higher Health Level

There could be no best meal option for everybody. What makes a diet plan efficient for each person is its suitability to physical activity and metabolism. With the health and mental impacts of choosing fruits and vegetables, you get to have healthier and better take in life. Thriving on a particular diet may not be impactful on the first try, but taking consistent little steps would eventually lead there.

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