What Is Pediatric Dermatology? How It Can Help Your Child

What Is Pediatric Dermatology? How It Can Help Your Child

What does the term “pediatric dermatology” refer to? This article will talk about dermatology for children, and when to know when your child is in need of these types of services. If you find this article interesting, after reading it you can refer to this link about a dermatologist near Lane Cove that can help with your skin needs.

What is pediatric dermatology?

By the term alone, we can deduce that a specialist that practices pediatric dermatology treats skin issues and conditions in children. If the child has a birthmark, warts or any type of unwanted skin condition, the parents or guardians of the child can take them to visit a pediatric dermatologist.

Similar to other specialists who practice in the pediatrics field, these doctors can treat children from birth until their adolescent stage. These doctors are licensed and know the updated treatment methods that can be applied to the skin conditions of children.

What are the conditions pediatric dermatologists can treat?

Pediatric dermatologists can provide a wide range of treatment methods to their patients. Here is a lost of the services that they generally can provide.

Diagnosis of skin conditions

The skin specialists can diagnose the type of skin issue or condition that the patient is suffering from. They diagnose hives, warts, birthmarks, acne, and others. If it is needed, they perform tests on the patients to determine the specific skin condition they have.

Treatment of skin conditionspediatric dermatology

They are also able to prescribe the needed medicines and recommend the proper treatment methods that will cure the skin conditions that the children are experiencing. These are medical doctors that are highly trained and are knowledgeable about which drugs and treatments to recommend.

Minor surgical techniques

They are also capable of performing minor surgical techniques to remove any skin conditions that need to be removed. They can also extract specimens for biopsies, remove skin lesions and also use laser treatment to remove birthmarks.

When to visit a dermatologist for children

If your child is experiencing any skin rashes or abnormalities, it is a good idea for you to consult a pediatric dermatologist right away. Many people often disregard skin conditions and this is a practice that should be stopped. For smaller children who cannot express themselves very well just yet, they may be feeling pain or discomfort with the skin issues they have. This is why parents should not disregard any unusual things they notice when it comes to their child’s skin. Keep in mind that early diagnosis and treatment can save a lot of time, money and hassle.

Specialists who practice pediatric dermatology will be able to diagnose, administer treatment and give advice about proper prevention techniques. They are the people who are the most knowledgeable when it comes to issues of the skin, and their recommendations should be trusted. If you have any qualms or questions about the skin issue your child is having, remember that a pediatric dermatologist will be able to provide a better answer than Google.


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