Over the Counter Nausea Medicine

Over the Counter Nausea Medicine

Our body’s primary defense against food poisoning often involves cramping stomachs and frantic search for the bathrooms – which isn’t only inconvenient, it can be downright embarrassing if you’re forced to spill your guts before reaching your target destination. Unfortunately, food poisoning isn’t the only cause of nausea – motion sickness, binge eating, pregnancy, and a slew of others can trigger it.

In mild cases, nausea typically goes away by itself, but it can be an inconvenience if it interferes with your day to day activities. This is where over the counter nausea medicine come in. Bear in mind that they’re intended for short term use only, and are not usually meant for expecting mothers. If it persists, consult your health care provider. The main types of OTC nausea medicine are:

nausea medicineBismuth Subsalicylate: It is the primary ingredient in most nausea OTC brands. It’s intended to protect the inner lining of your stomach, so it can be taken for not just nausea relief, but diarrhea, and stomach ulcers as well. For any normal, healthy person (notwithstanding nausea), bismuth subsalicylate has very minor, and short-lived side effects (including darkening of the stool and the tongue). Beware of giving it to any child, especially if they display flu-like symptoms. Try not to take it with other drugs, or even alcohol, as the side effects may exacerbate.

Emetrol: It is an oral solution intended to soothe upset stomach caused by overeating or infections (both viral and bacterial). It contains very high concentrations of sugar, so people with diabetics shouldn’t take it.

Antihistamine: Though primarily used to treat allergic reactions, some types of antihistamines, like Dimenhydrinate and Meclizine hydrochloride, are great at treating nausea triggered by motion sickness. Drowsiness is the main side effect, so it shouldn’t be taken with other sedatives, but patients with lung problems, glaucoma and prostate problems are discouraged from taking this without a doctor’s prescription.

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