Over The Counter Medicine For Bloating

Over The Counter Medicine For Bloating

In the current world, stomach bloating is a very common condition. It occurs when the stomach is filled with a lot of acids. This could be a result of high intake of acidic food substances, indigestion or high levels of stress. Bloating may cause discomforts and some pain in the stomach. It’s thus important to prevent this condition with daily medication.

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The following are some of the over the counter remedies for bloating:

  • Beano or BeanAssist

Some foods that we eat on a daily basis contains a lot of acids. Excess acid is a major cause of bloating. Some vegetables and beans are known to produce a lot of acids. In this case, beanAssist works by digesting carbohydrates in beans and vegetable which might result to bloating. This drug is taken before eating to prevent production of acid. It also speeds up the rate of digestion.

  • Lactaid and digest dairy plus

Some dairy products contain a lot of sugar which might be very hard to digest. Lactaid or digest dairy plus plays a great role in digesting the sugar in the dairy products. This reduces bloating. But, if you’re pregnant of breastfeeding, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before using these drugs.

  • Mylanta gas minis

Bloating means a lot of gas in the stomach. Mylanta gas minis help to break up bubbles in the gas. It also ensures that the excess gas is eliminated. In simple terms, Mylanta works by neutralizing the acidic content in your stomach.

  • bloating medicinePepcid or zontac

The hormone histamines is responsible for acid production. After having a meal that might contain acids, histamines produces acids. Pepcid and zontac prevents histamines from producing acids.

  • Miralax

Water is a very important element in digestion. It speeds up the rate of digestion. This will in turn reduce the possibility of bloating. Miralax works by balancing water content in the digestive system which prevents bloating and constipation.

The above are some of the over the counter medicine for bloating. They work perfect in reducing excess gas and acids in the stomach.

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