Non Surgical Nose Job Before and After

Non Surgical Nose Job Before and After

A nonsurgical nose job is a cosmetic procedure in which fillers are injected into a person’s nose to change their shape. If you are interested in changing the size and shape of your nose, consult a Rhinoplasty Surgeon to help you know more about this cosmetic procedure. The fillers used mostly are Restylane and Juvederm. The nonsurgical nose job is carried out by professional dermatologists.

Target Audience

A non-surgical nose job is meant for people who are not confident about the shape of their nose. Some people feel they have funny noses. Hence, this makes them have very low self-esteem about their looks. These reasons are enough to make them desire a non-surgical nose job done on them.

non surgical nose job before and afterProcedure

The main aim of this procedure is to give you a nice shape for your nose. It corrects all the defects on the nose. The professional dermatologist first injects your nose to numb it. He then gives you an allowance of up to fifteen minutes. After this, he reinjects your nose with a syringe filled with Juvederm or Restylane. These fillers will help to correct the deformities.

Advantages of Nonsurgical Nose Job

  1. A non-surgical nose job is a very quick procedure. Therefore, the nonsurgical nose job before and after results are achieved faster.
  2. A non-surgical nose job is not a painful procedure because the skin is at first numbed. This will help you to relax when the dermatologist is conducting the procedure.

Disadvantages of Nonsurgical Nose Job

  1. This is not a permanent procedure; hence it’s only short-lived. It only lasts for a period of between six months to one year depending on the fillers used.
  2. It’s a very costly exercise. The minimum amount you can pay is $1000.
  3. Some of the fillers used can cause serious damage to your skin.

Non-surgical nose job before and after results depends on the expertise of the dermatologist conducting the procedure. I would recommend one to go for those with a lot of experience in the field. This will boost your confidence and self-esteem after the procedure.

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