Is it normal to have tooth pain after temporary crown?

Is it normal to have tooth pain after temporary crown?

When you chip or crack a tooth, one of the options your dentist would give you is to have a temporary crown. A crown is a dental appliance shaped like a tooth to mask a broken one. But have you or someone you know experienced tooth pain after temporary crown? Here is some information about what happens and what you need to expect when getting temporary crowns.

When do I need a dental crown?

There are many dental treatments that use temporary crowns during the procedure.

When getting dental fillings. Using fillings to put your fractured tooth together may not be enough, so your dentist may require to have a crown placed to support it for a while.

When getting a dental bridge. The dental bridge uses 2 abutment teeth, or two crowns fitted on top of 2 adjacent healthy teeth, with a middle part called pontic replacing the missing tooth.

When getting a root canal. The treated tooth may change color as time passes since the treatment removed the tooth’s blood supply, so using a crown to mask this can be done.

When you need to improve your teeth appearance at once. When on a budget and you cannot afford veneers, crowns can be used to mask discolored or stained teeth.


Why do I have tooth pain after temporary crown?

tooth pain after temporary crownWhen in need of crown placement, a patient needs to be prepared for the procedure, usually an administration of anesthesia. This is important because your fractured tooth may still be sensitive, and manipulations can further hurt. Also, root canal treatment is considered a dental surgery technically, so the administration of anesthesia is a must. After the procedure and the anesthesia wears off, you will certainly feel sensitivity and discomfort. However, this will surely wear off in time. Although it is expected and your dentist may claim that there is nothing to worry about, it is still safe to inform your dentist every time you feel something is not right so they can easily reassure you and correct your thoughts.

What problems may happen after getting a crown?

This question is one that we don’t want to answer because that would mean we are already anticipating the procedure will not work. However, for information purposes only, after a failed crown, it may put so much stress to the teeth that the connection of the tooth to the whole dental activity will be cut off, and a lot of stress might be placed on the wood.

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