Pain Relief: How To Relieve Tooth Pain (From Braces)

Pain Relief: How To Relieve Tooth Pain (From Braces)

People who have just gotten braces put on wonder how to relieve tooth pain from braces. The pain from braces may be caused by several different factors. This article will focus on the pain caused by braces and how to cope with it. If you read this article and are thinking about getting braces, you can click on the image to check out a dental clinic that offers all your orthodontics needs.


What are braces?

Braces are used to straighten teeth and correct bite problems. Many people who have crooked teeth can wear braces for a few years and their teeth will be straight and in the right positions. Braces can be used not only to improve the way people look but can also be useful for people who have problems eating and breathing because of their crooked teeth.


Pain caused by braces

A person can expect some pain that accompanies braces. Braces are foreign objects that can cause friction to the soft tissues in your mouth and the inner part of your cheeks. During the first few days your mouth can have injuries because of this.


How to relieve tooth pain from braces

Many ways can help a person get over the pain that comes

with wearing to relieve tooth pain from braces


Over-the-counter medicines. After the braces will be put in, the dentist will usually give you advice on what kind of pain a patient can expect to feel because of their braces. The dentist will also prescribe pain killers to help the patient cope with the pain. 


Ice pack. The pain caused by the pressure of the braces on teeth can get some getting used to. This pain can be alleviated using an ice pack on the area of the jaw that is painful. Any swelling can also be reduced because of an ice pack.


Oral analgesics. This can be bought at any drugstore to help with pain caused by braces. This type of medicine usually comes in gel form and can be directly applied to the mouth tissues and gums that suffer from sores caused when they come into contact with the braces.


Saltwater rinse. Salt is known to be a natural pain killer. A saltwater rinse is a good way to get rid of any bacterial infection that may be building up on teeth and also get rid of the pain the person is feeling.


Change your diet. In some instances, the pain is caused by the food the person eats. Until they get accustomed to their new braces, soft food that does not require too much chewing is ideal to reduce pain.


Heating pad. A heating pad can also be useful. Apply it to the affected area to relieve pain.


Frozen teething ring. Teething rings are not only meant for babies, but they can also help people with braces. Put one of these rings in the freezer and when it is cold, it can be used as a way to get rid of braces pain


Give it time to heal. They say that time heals all wounds. The same is true for braces. As your jaws, gums, and mouth get used to having the braces on, the pain will subside over time. 

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