The Importance Of Dental Handpiece Repair

The Importance Of Dental Handpiece Repair

Many modern dental treatments are only possible because of the precision design of the instruments that dentists use. That’s why it’s absolutely critical for dentists to keep their equipment in proper working order. For their purpose, dental handpieces use a lot of miniature moving parts. This adds unavoidable complexity in their design. As with any machine, complexity brings higher risks of failure. Signs of wear and tear should be spotted early and addressed immediately to avoid bigger damage and costlier repairs. There’s a highly dependable handpiece repair in Australia if in case you’re trying to find one. Just follow the link.

The first sign of trouble is excessive vibration. If the handpiece is vibrating more than it should or if it’s giving unusual clicking sounds or clunking noises, then it may have an issue with the bearings wearing out or coming loose. Lack of lubrication can also cause excessive vibration.

Second is lost of speed. This could be caused by a variety of factors. There could be a mechanical issue with the turbine in the head. Organic material could have also lodged within the handpieces’ inner workings. It could also be an issue with the gearing, air compression or electric motor. dental handpiece repair

Third is excessive heat. Dental handpieces use compress air or electric motors to operate and both rotational drive sources will naturally generate heat and make the handpiece warm to the touch. However, if the dental handpiece is hotter than normal then there might be an issue with the motor (possibly burning-out) or the compressed air not expelling properly.

In any of these three cases, it’s important to stop using the handpiece to prevent further damage. Have your handpieces inspected and repaired by an expert dental handpiece repair service as soon as possible.

Doing regular maintenance and correct dental handpiece repair will lengthen their service life and reduce the number of incidences for repair. Handpieces should always be cleaned properly, sterilized and occasionally lubricated.

Always remember that keeping dental handpieces in tiptop shape and expected performance is vital to any dental practice.

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