Dental Bridge as Solution for Dental Problems

Dental Bridge as Solution for Dental Problems

In some cases, people tend to encounter teeth problems, which eventually lead to the extraction of some of their teeth. However, extraction of teeth or a tooth does not necessarily imply the end of problems. It may be the start of other problems caused by a missing tooth or teeth. Those problems include:

  • gum diseases
  • improper chewing of foods
  • improper speech

Have you noticed that beauty queens and those who win beauty pageants have almost perfect smiles? They have their teeth fixed before joining contests because they want to impress the judges. Stained teeth, yellow teeth, and missing teeth are not good to look at for a beauty queen. They go to a dentist to have stain fixed and the missing teeth repaired through dental bridging.

What is a dental bridge?


It’s partially a denture – as the term implies – it’s a bridge. It connects or fixes a gap between teeth. There are three kinds of dental bridge: the traditional, the cantilever and the resin-bonded.

  • the traditional bridge is usually made of porcelain which is connected to a metal or ceramic. The make crowns on the missing tooth, and that creates a pontic in between the absent teeth.
  • the cantilever bridge is used for adjacent missing teeth.
  • resin-bonded bridge or what’s commonly called a Maryland bridge is more complicated. A plastic set of teeth and gums are created to appear as the missing teeth. These are bonded to the existing ones by use of metal.

dental bridge treatment   A dental bridge cannot be finished in one sitting alone. Sometimes a patient has to go back 3 to 4 times before the whole procedure is done. But the good thing about this is that the missing tooth or teeth are masked and like as if there were no missing areas at all. It will appear very natural and real.   The cost of a dental bridge varies from one patient to another. It also depends upon the type of bridging done on the said patient. That being said, it’s not cheap. It may be a bit pricey, but the procedure itself is very well worth it. If you have dental insurance, it can help.   A dental bridge isn’t permanent. It has to be restored after 12 to 15 years depending upon maintenance. With a constant visit to the dentist (twice a year at least) and brushing after every meal, the dental bridge can last for more than 10 years unlike implants.

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