Cyclosporine Eye Drops Side Effects

Cyclosporine Eye Drops Side Effects

Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressant drug used in the form of eye drops to treat chronic dry eye disease as a result of eye inflammation which works by increasing the amount of tears produced by the eyes.  If you know how to use eye drops, this drug is known to be effective. Otherwise, there are known cyclosporine eye drops side effects that you need to be aware of.

Among the various cyclosporine eye drops side effects include;

Severe eye discomfort and pain

Cyclosporine eye drops although effective for promoting tear production by the eyes, they also lead to increased eye irritation characterized by a burning sensation in the eyes, increased eye discharge, eye reddening, itchiness, the sensation of a foreign object within the eyes, increased swelling of the eyelids and pain.

Cyclosporine also leads to change in vision by causing blurred vision in patients using the drug.

Allergic reactions

Use of cyclosporine eye drops is associated with some allergic reactions including respiratory problems such as difficulty in breathing. Other cyclosporine eye drops allergic reactions include the occurrence of itchy skin rashes, swelling of the face tongue and lips and excessive coughing.


The use of cyclosporine eye drops often leads to increased kidney toxicity and damage as a result of its metabolites.
Kidney toxicity and damage in patients using cyclosporine eye drops is characterized by blood in urine, increased concentrations of creatinine in urine and kidney lesions. cyclosporine eye drops side effects

Liver toxicity and damage

Use of cyclosporine is associated with liver toxicity which is characterized by blood and cloudy urine, abdominal pain, eye, and skin yellowing.

Immunosuppression leading to increased risk of developing infections

Since cyclosporine eye drops work by inhibiting the activity of T-cells, a type of white blood cells associated with protecting the body against infection, the use of this drug leads to increased incidence of developing bacterial, fungal and viral infections to both the eyes and body.


The use of cyclosporine eye drops is also associated with causing headaches that lead to a lot of discomfort..
It is recommended to seek medical attention immediately after noticing or experiencing the above cyclosporine eye drops side effects.

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