Crossbite Linked To Early Fetal Stress

Crossbite Linked To Early Fetal Stress

Early fetal stress.

crossbite check up to dentistScientific research has continually shown that the first 900 days after conception strongly influences a person’s ability to cope and resist diseases. It’s is also linked to a person’s life expectancy. While we may not know the exact ways in which early fetal stress affects one’s life, the factors that cause early fetal stress are well known. Crossbite is one of the factors known to cause early fetal stress.

Crossbite: A cause of early fetal stress.

A Crossbite is a dental condition that occurs when there is a slight misalignment of one or more teeth in the upper or lower jaws. This causes involuntary movements like biting and irregular breathing which triggers stress and discomfort during early development moments in life.

That’s why crossbites have been linked to early fetal stress.

Research has also been done to establish what leads to the occurrence of crossbites:

-Hereditary causes:

Genetic factors can cause an occurrence of crossbites. If one of the parents with dominant genes has a misaligned jaw, there is a good chance the offspring will also have the same condition. It only occurs parent with the dominant gene has the condition.

-Delayed tooth eruption.

Normal teeth eruption is a case where baby teeth are sequentially replaced by adult teeth. Sometimes, this process is irregular or delayed. When this occurs, the eruption will be faster in one jaw compared to the other. This leads to the occurrence of crossbite.

-Abnormal dental growth.

Dental growth should be sequential and uniform in both jaws. Irregularity can be experienced when growth in one jaw is faster or slower than growth in the other. The teeth will no longer be aligned with respect to the jaw lines. This cause the crossbite condition’.

-Breathing through the mouth.

Due to other conditions in the nasal areas, children may breathe through the mouth rather than their noses. This makes the tongue to move away from the palate hindering the lateral growth of the palate.

Final thoughts:

Crossbite is one of the main factors linked to early fetal stress. The mental state of a developing person is crucial because it widely affects their health state during subsequent life cycles.