Tips To Help You Avoid Bruises From Botox Injections

Tips To Help You Avoid Bruises From Botox Injections

Dreaming of that perfect face that you see in the screens might be as near as you think. Botox is really common for people to choose as a method for their beauty regimen. People will go to dermatologist asking for the latest news and updates about getting their skin firm but smooth at the same time. People tend to go to surgery for a faster and more reliable way of achieving the look. However, one cannot deny the fact that surgery is really expensive and might also be risky. There are the good and the bad, but everything in between is in the hands of the right cosmetic surgeon for a Botox procedure. Before you try and find out yourself, know why bruises from Botox injections even happen.

What Causes The Bruises?

Bruises are often seen by medical professionals as a hematoma that happens often in any type of surgery. If skin bruises quickly, it means that the skin is very thin and whenever there are tools poking it, it breaks easily. The content of these blood vessels spread on the soft tissue but these are not harmful elements. It is very hard to see which vessels are going to be broken for the procedure. Doctors are likely to use smaller needles to reduce the bruises from the Botox injections. It is better to ask your doctor if they using blunt tip dermal filler needles or non-traditional ones to make sure you are on the right track. Also, look out for clinics with a reputation of patients getting their faces red more often. It helps but the likelihood of the situation not happening is far from possible.

After a Botox ProcedureTips To Help You Avoid Bruises From Botox Injections

Patients who are enthusiastic about the surgical procedure often overlook the fact that surgeries will take months to recover from. Yes, the results are seen as soon as 3-5 days or even less but it may also take a maximum of two weeks for the final result. In addition, the treatment needs a person to avoid strenuous activities that involve exercising, hiking, or anything that will make a person’s face or body really pumped. Avoid physical activity within a few days as these will make a person’s heart rate flow more and block the healing process of the skin.  Experts also advise not to rub your face too hard with facial cleansers. To keep the optimum results, don’t smoke or drink too much alcohol as well. Moreover, buy the best sunscreen with SPF 50 and always cover yourself from the sun.

Planning for Botox Injections?

You don’t want results like botched Botox injections just like what you hear on the h skin problems. There are specific surgeons for different types of skin and beauty concerns. It is vital for you to find the best surgeon for the procedure with complete credentials. You should also avoid eating food that makes your blood thin causing the bruises from Botox injections. Natural ingredients such as ginseng, green tea, vitamin E and garlic can cause blood thinning. If you need to take medicine such as pain relief, Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, better ask your doctor for his or her own prescriptions and suggestions. Lastly, don’t forget to plan your surgery ahead. This will give you ample time to think about your plans and the financial costs that go along the surgery procedure.

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