Antibiotics for tooth infections: Can I use amoxicillin for toothache?

Antibiotics for tooth infections: Can I use amoxicillin for toothache?

When we get infections in the body, bacteria is almost always the number one culprit. So for a tooth infection, the bacterial invasion may be blamed. But the way bacteria thrived in your mouth is also part of the equation. Here, let us discover what dentists do to treat tooth infection that causes tooth decay and toothache. Let us also determine the effects of amoxicillin for toothache since when you consult a dentist from No Gaps Dental Sydney, for example, they would usually prescribe antibiotics for infections.

How do you get a tooth infection?

Your dentist can cite a few reasons how one can get a tooth infection.

Poor oral hygiene. If you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow a dental routine that consists of brushing twice a day and flossing every day, you can get a higher tendency of having tooth decay.

A trauma to your mouth. Sometimes, active contact sports can injure your mouth and affect the health of your teeth and gums. So if you are not careful, you can be at risk of developing tooth infection after a major facial accident.

A failed dental procedure. Sometimes, people tend to settle for cheap dental procedures just to save money. However, the quality of a dentist’s work may or may not always be related to the price of their procedures. But more often than not, dentists cut corners just to be able to earn money while giving discounts for their dental procedures. This practice will make you highly at risk for safety problems and infection.

Can I use antibiotics for a toothache?

Yes! But there is a catch. Dentists do not prescribe antibiotics for ALL toothache-causing infections. They use different dental procedures to treat them instead of relying solely on, for example, amoxicillin for toothache. With that said, toothaches that need antibacterial medications include infections that are considered severe and widely spread out to neighboring structures like the gums and tongue. Dentists can also prescribe antibiotics if you already have compromised your immune system, so it can help you fight the infection.

amoxicillin for toothacheWhat antibiotics should I use?

This would really depend on the type of bacteria that caused the infection. Your dentist should also inquire if you have certain allergies since some patients get allergic reactions to certain antibacterials. To ensure that the medication you are going to take is safe and effective, let the dentist prescribe it and do not attempt to self-medicate or copy a relative or friend’s prescription, just because you think you have the same infection.

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