A Review of Digital Dental Impressions

A Review of Digital Dental Impressions

Digital dental impressions is a top-notch technology that offers dentists an opportunity to develop a virtual, replica of both hard and soft tissues in the mouth that is generated by computer using lasers in conjunction with various intraoral scanning devices. Digital impressions make clear and super accurate impression data in just a few minutes without the need for any traditional impression materials. Most patients are happy with digital dental impressions since they feel that it’s a more comfortable and easier process as it eliminates the use of traditional impression materials. They find tradition materials messy and inconvenient. The derived information is then transferred to a computer where it’s used to develop restorations without any need for stone models.

Types of digital dental impressions

There are two main types of digital dental impressions available for implementation by dentists. The first type captures images as digital photographs and then provides both dentists and dental laboratories with many pictures while the second type captures images in the form of a digital video. These images are then be captured with laser or through digital scanning. digital dental impressions

Laser scanning utilizes full-bodied light which is both safe and highly accurate. Laser scanning captures the entire details on teeth and gums while excluding the need for a patient to hold and withstand unpleasant and distasteful material in his/her mouth. Digital dental impressions require teeth to be coated with powder by use of a special spray before scanning to make sure that all parts of the digital impressions are appropriately captured and recorded.

Benefits of Digital Dental Impressions

Digital Dental impressions tremendously boost the accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and help the dentists to e-mail laboratory the virtual impression rather than send a stone model or a tradition impression through regular mail. Digital dental impressions can also be used to generate dentistry restoration on the same day. This helps to speed up the treatment process and reduce the number of office visits by a patient.

Digital impressions have significantly improved the dentistry industry and made the processes easier and convenient.

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